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Christmas Island Stories


The Project

In 2021, Phosphate Resources Limited (PRL) approached us to determine how it could help promote Christmas Island for the benefit of the local community.

PRL is working towards a sustainable future for its phosphate mine to transition into eco-tourism over the next few decades, but to do this it needs government and community support.

The overwhelming view on the Island was that the majority of Australians viewed it as little more than a detention centre with many unaware of its rich history and strong community.

Our team set up Christmas Island Stories, a website hub highlighting the incredible human stories and culture on the Island.  

Alongside this, we filmed and produced a series of videos, sharing the stories of the local community, with the best performing receiving more than 97,000 views and still climbing.

This is an ongoing campaign, that has been accompanied by a small digital marketing strategy. Since the launch the website receives on average 200 views per week.  

We Delivered

Strategy | Website design | Logo design | Video production | Animation | Script writing | Digital marketing | Website management and reporting